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Energy Healing


Guidance Readings

Energy Healing & Guidance Readings

This is a beautiful, nourishing treatment where I act as a channel for divine healing energy to help re-balance, calm and relax the receiver. During the treatment, I will channel light energy to your physical body for healing. I will then work energetically with each of your chakra centres by extracting old stuck energy and channelling reiki energy. I am very deeply connected to my spirit guides whom I ask for messages, images and insights that I can relay to you at the end of the treatment. The healing feels like beautiful, warm, buzzing, golden energy flowing through and around your body.

An energy healing treatment is such a gentle, non-invasive therapy which is perfect for someone who feels slightly lost on their path, needs a bit of spiritual guidance or a bit of TLC. You will be fully clothed for this treatment, with lots of blankets and cushions to keep you feeling snug and warm.

Everything that we talk about is completely confidential, as with all of my treatments. As part of the treatment package I will voice record your energetic reading after the treatment and send it to you for you to keep and listen to at a later date to help you with your healing.


Helps to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety 


Removes energy blockages, helping life force energy to flow freely around the body and it's systems

Brings about deep relaxation and feelings of calm, peace and tranquility


Aids in better sleep patterns and helps to reduce insomnia


Can help to reduce pain and discomfort


Helps to feel your emotions and begin to heal them in a grounded and healing way


Cleanses and raises the bodies natural vibrational frequency

Treatment Information

Before each energy healing session I will email you a consultation form to fill out with details of your medical history and emotional and mental health. I offer all new clients a free 20 min Consultation Call to answer any questions that you may have and to give you an outline of how I practice and what to expect.

Each treatment starts with a visualisation to ground and relax you, before I go into the treatment itself. If I feel the need to I may use sage or palo santo to help clear energy during the treatment and may also use my voice, breathing and toning to help with this also. Please let me know if this is something that you feel uncomfortable with prior to the treatment.

Once the healing is finished I allocate 20 mins to talk to you about your energy reading and to give you any aftercare advice that I feel is needed. I will voice record your reading and send it to you after the treatment. There will also be oracle cards for you to use at the end if you feel drawn to some extra guidance before you leave.

Treatment Length and Price


90 mins - £60.00

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