Distance Womb Healing with Cacao

Distance Womb Healing with Cacao

This is a very special session where I will combine energetic womb healing with the sacred feminine plant medicine of Cacao. I have been a trained Reiki practitioner for 14 years and have offered many distance healing sessions in the past which have been incredibly powerful. Energy travels beyond the physical realm, wherever the intention goes energy will naturally flow. Through giving and receiving distance healing, I have found that it is very profound and incredibly transformative experience.


By combining energy healing with the medicine of Cacao, we will be working deeply to help connect you to your womb and your inherent femininity as a woman. Together they will also help you let go of any old patterns or ingrained beliefs that may be holding you back, or illuminate any trauma that may be causing you pain in your current life.


This is a very deep and powerful session which has the ability to shift energy in quite a transformational way, so I really invite you to feel into whether your womb and body feel ready for this journey at this time. I always work intuitively in a compassionate and gently feminine way, so although the work is deep, it is never forced or pushed. I will always hold you in a strong and nurturing container throughout.

Cacao is an ancient and sacred plant medicine that helps to open the heart chakra and connect you to your deeply divine feminine nature. She will assist you and guide you throughout the session with gentleness and love. Cacao has many incredible health benefits for the physical, emotional and psychological parts of our selves, some of which I have listed below. For a deeper understanding of the power of Cacao, please see m Blog Post:


Blog Post:

 Ceremonial Cacao - The Divine Feminine Plant Medicine


Cacao Benefits

Mood Boosting - 'Bliss Chemical'




Mental Clarity and Focus






Creativity & Flow


Heart & Womb Healing


Aphrodisiac & Connection to Sexuality 


Energy Boosting


Consciousness Shifting

How a Session Works

Once you have booked your womb healing session, I will post you out a little package with some Cacao along with instructions on how to prepare your sacred elixir. We will then begin the session by drinking ceremonial cacao together and setting your intentions for the healing. I will then ask you to make yourself cosy and comfy with blankets, cushions, pillows and candles and I will take you on a guided journey/visualisation to your inner womb temple. There will be a chance for you to to receive healing, messages and guidance from your womb, from Cacao and your inner Goddess. I will then spend the last part of the session channelling energy healing to your womb and body, helping to clear any stagnant energy and strengthen your connection to your yoni, womb and sexuality.

Book Your Session

Length: 1.5 hours (90 mins)


Price: £70.00


What's Included In The Session?


An In-depth Consultation 

30g Ceremonial Grade Cacao (plus a little love package!)

A Guided Womb Journey/Visualisation

Energetic Womb Healing & Energy Clearing

Sharing & Reflections

20% off my Vaginal Steam Program (for ongoing womb healing & support)


1 x 30 min After-Care Zoom Call

(which would be booked for a date after your session)

Help & Support


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