Menopausal Massage Treatment 

Honouring Yourself

Through The Menopause 

Awakening and Embracing Your Inner Crone

The Menopause can be a really scary place for most women. The transition through to the beautiful Crone can feel uncomfortable, emotional, rageful or sad AND it can also feel utterly fabulous if you allow yourself to accept the change, and move through with grace and guidance. Menopause is a transition that has been overlooked and ignored, deeming women useless or un-importnant once they can no longer produce children. I would like to share with you that this is an old Patriarchal story that is not, and never has been, true. Women going into and through Menopause are entering the most powerful phase of the cycle as a woman. You have gathered all the wisdom, knowledge and guidance from the other stages of your life, so that deep down you have all the tools ready to embrace your Crone Phase.


The exciting thing is that you no longer need to try and 'fit in,' you now have access to the inner power and resolve to be exactly who you are, free from the constraints or expectations of others. This is your time to shine. You have full permission to own your journey, own your boundaries, own your body and own who you are with respect, love and power. Just as Autumn turns to Winter, the menopause calls you to go within. To reflect, let go, heal and rest. This is a phase of deep magic and wisdom, a phase to be truly celebrated and honoured. One of the reasons that moving into your Crone Phase has been ignored, covered up with medication or shamed, is that Women truly come into their power in this phase. You can become a true force of Nature as you have access to an inner knowing that no longer has to fit into societal norms and conditioning. You have access to a strong voice and potency inside of you, which is can be really scary to the patriarchal society that we are living in.

But don't let that stop you.


Throughout time, women stepping into their power has scared the patriarchy BIG TIME. 

So, their way to control women moving into this part of their cycle was to shame them and deem them as 'worthless' 'useless' 'hags' or 'crones' which I feel is why so many women are struggling with this phase, and also why there is so little support. My plan is to provide a nourishing, nurturing, supportive space for you to let go, to BE & to discover all the hidden gems to the Menopause.


(NOTE: The words 'Hag' and 'Crone" were actually sacred words used for women who had reached such a potent and powerful phase in their lives. They were respected deeply for the insight, magic, wisdom and clarity that they held, they were feared and revered.)

Menopausal Massage & Healing


I offer a space to truly mark your transition into Menopause, whether you are at the very beginning, part way through or out the other side and feel you would like to honour the journey you have come on. It is never too late to mark your transition.


Here is what I include in a Menopausal Massage & Healing:

Guided Visualisation

Womb, Abdominal and Sacral Massage

Full Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Head and Face Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage

Mexican Rebozo Wrapping of the Bones

Reiki Energy Healing and Clearing

Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend

Nutritional, Herbal, Yoni Steaming and Essential Oil Advice

Oracle Cards





Womb, Abdominal and Sacral Massage is incredible for balancing the hormones during menopause, increasing circulation to your pelvic region, relaxing tendons and ligaments and creating space and ease to your body. 


By regulating the hormones the frequency and intensity of hot flushes and night seats may be decreased.


Relaxation, space to breathe and just BE.


I will hear you, I will see you and I will honour you during your session and beyond.


Clearing any energetic or emotional blockages that you may have that are holding you back from moving forward on your journey right now.


Suggestions of natural and herbal ways to balance hormones, reduce menopausal symptoms, release emotions and nourish your body.


Possible referrals onto other practitioners whom I feel may be able to help you also - for example Herbalists, Nutritionalists, Reflexology Practitioners, Talking Therapists.

Session Information


If you would like to speak to me in person or have some email communication prior to booking a treatment please send me a message via the form on my contact page or give me a call on the number provided. 



Massage Session Length: 2 hours

(In the price I also include 20 mins either side for check-in and sharing)


Total Time of Session: 2 hours & 45 mins


Price: £87.00


Massage Session Length: 90 mins

(In the price I also include 20 mins either side for check-in and sharing)


Total Length of Session: 2 hours

Price: £68.00

Tailored Sessions

I can also fully tailor the session to suit you. We can include poems, readings or songs chosen by you, I can play music that is special to you, use incense, crystals, herbs or oils that are meaningful to you. This is your sacred transition and it is very important to me to make it as special and transformational for you as possible.


PLEASE NOTE: there may be an additional cost depending on what you would like to add, how long the planning takes, or what I may need to source and we can communicate about this as part of the Consultation.