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6 Week Womb Reclamation Journey

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6 Week Womb Reclamation Journey

Reconnecting To Your Womb, Your Heart, Your Body and Your Divine Feminine Power.

Duration: 6 Weeks

Start Date: Anytime to suit you

Method of Space Holding: Online (and some sessions in person upon request & at an extra charge) - A mixture of Zoom Cacao Ceremonies, One-to-One Zoom Coaching Calls, Womb Weaver App & Personal Exploration, Practices, Rituals, Meditations, Embodiments & Tools.

Womb healing, menstruation and female trauma is still one of those taboo subjects that isn’t massively spoken about. There is an air of shame, embarrassment and awkwardness around it, which I want to debunk.

  • Do you feel grief, shame, discomfort or disconnection within your body or your womb?
  • Are you longing to share your story fully and feel supported by another woman?
  • Are you struggling with a whole host of physical ailments relating to your reproductive system, menstrual cycle, physical body and womb, and the doctors cannot help?
  • Do you feel numb, cut off or isolated from your emotions or feelings?
  • Do you feel anger and rage towards your womb?
  • Do you feel like you have experienced some kind of trauma, but you cant work out what it is?
  • Maybe you have reached a point now where you are looking for a deeper path through this pain, a way to heal your soul, your womb, your emotions and your spirit?

If so, I HEAR YOU. I have been there too and I am ready to walk this path with you.

Who Am I?

My name is Isla-Rose and I have been on this journey with my own womb for the last 4 years. Through my own exploration, I have found a really profound path through grief, sadness, trauma and pain, which I am going to share with you now, in a hope that it may help you too.

Let me show you that you can reconnect to your heart, womb and soul in a deeply profound way.

I have had so many women who have experienced womb trauma reach out to me for help, through shamanic womb healing, yoni steaming, womb massage and one-to-one cacao ceremonies.

So, I had this heart pull to create a step-by-step, intimate journey to guide you from the depths of disconnection, back into the empowered, light-filled goddess that you truly are.

As a Womb Weaver throughout the 6 weeks you will receive...

🌟 6 Weeks of Intimate Support

  • 3 x One-to-One Coaching Calls
  • 3 x Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies

Giving you space to share your story, delve into your heart, reconnect to your womb, nourish your physical body, let go of limiting patterns and old beliefs, connect shamanically to your inner landscape, create & visualise your dreams & connect to Mother Cacao... all so that you can be REBORN. Each week has a different focus, and we will start each week with either a Cacao Ceremony or a Coaching Call to set the tone and help us to tap into the energy for the week. There are daily prompts, rituals, meditations or practices for you to engage in within the App, to deepen your healing journey.

****This 6 week Journey will guide you to reclaim your womb and move through the grief and pain that may be stored in your body, so that you can step into full trust and empowerment for your path forward.
🌟An In-Depth Consultation With Me - this will be a deep-dive into your womb & reproductive health, menstrual cycle, history, emotional being, mental health, nutrition, trauma or emotional wounding, so that I can gain a deep understanding of how we can tailor the program to suit your individual needs.

🌟One-to-One Cacao Ceremonies - These will be beautiful rituals with mother cacao, setting intentions and going on a shamanic journey to connect to your inner realms, reclaim your power and gain insights around your womb healing journey and path forwards.

🌟 Personal Cacao Exploration Mini Course - with recipes, guided meditations, ritual & ceremony to help you open to deeper levels of love, compassion and peace over the 6 weeks.

🌟 DIY Yoni Steam Course & Yoni Egg Guidance - a beautiful course designed to empower you to take ownership of your reproductive & menstrual health though the ancient use of herbs and steam. You will receive your own personalised Yoni Steam Herb Blend specifically for your body, and a full course on how to steam from the comfort of your own home!

🌟 Channelled Guidance Readings From Cacao - I will channel you two transmissions from Mother Cacao throughout the 6 weeks. These will be personal audio recorded messages for you, to bring you clarity, guidance and insights for your journey ahead.

🌟 Full Access to the Womb Weaver Web App - this is packed full of meditations, shamanic journeys, rituals, videos, practices tips and tools and will contain your daily/weekly content for the program.

Week By Week Content:

Week 1 - Welcoming The Womb Weaver - Meeting The Spirit of Cacao & Self-Love

Week 2 - The Inward Journey - Connecting To The Heart

Week 3 - Arriving Home - Connecting To The Womb

Week 4 - Honouring The Physical Body - Healing The Body

Week 5 - The Weaver of Dreams - Affirmation, Visualisation, Creation & Manifestation

Week 6 - Rebirth - Embodying Your True, Divine Feminine Power

Please email me if you have any questions, and to book your FREE CONSULTATION CALL :)

All My Love,

Isla-Rose x

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