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Shamanic Power Animal Journey

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Shamanic Power Animal Journey

Join me for a shamanic journey into the wilderness of the spirit world to meet your power animal. I will guide you to connect to your animal, to ask for healing, guidance and messages for your life path at this time. This is a very powerful journey which can help to remove blockages and bring clarity and connection to yourself and your purpose here on Earth.


Tuesday 15th September 2020

7.00pm - 8.15pm



If you have been drawn to this online exploration, then it may be a sign that your power animal wishes to finally meet with you.

Power animals are spiritual teachers with very important symbolism, who can help us to gain insights, support and guidance about our path in life. We all have an animal spirit who is connected to us from birth, naturally guiding us to absorb their individual meaning, wisdom and lore. By studying and learning about their symbolism, we can learn to embody the traits of that particular animal. This in turn can help with deep healing in our day to day lives, on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

Is there an animal that you have always resonated with or felt a special connection to?

Come and join me and a circle of 7 other people for this online zoom journey to meet your Power Animal. I will be guiding you deep into the earth to connect with your animal guide who wishes to walk alongside you. During the journey you will have the opportunity to meet with your power animal and ask for guidance, healing, messages and medicine for yourself at this time. This is a deep and powerful journey full of gifts and magic.

Please arrive in the Zoom waiting room for 6.55pm - giving yourself 5 minutes to land, tune in and ground yourself. The journey will begin at 7.00pm. I will be creating a safe and sacred container to hold us all during this ceremony, so I ask that you arrive on time to keep the space calm and sacred for everyone involved :)

Please make sure you are somewhere comfy and warm where you won't be disturbed. You can either lie down or stay sitting, just make sure you have some cosy blankets and cushions to keep you warm and comfortable throughout. A journal and pen will be very useful too to write down any messages, insights or wisdom that comes to you from the journey.

Tickets need to be booked for this event. Once booked, I will email out a confirmation with more information about preparing for your journey!

Please email me at: if you have any questions prior to booking either events :)

I really look forward to meeting you all,

Much Love,

Isla-Rose x x

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