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Meet Isla Rose Wolf...
Womb & Yoni Practitioner,
Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Cacao Medicine Woman, Keeper of the Menstrual Mysteries, Shamanic Soul Retrieval & Soul Receival Guide, Spirit Channel.

Hello, I'm Isla-Rose.

I am passionate about helping women to reclaim respect, love & honour for their bodies, wombs and hearts. We all have the potential to heal and to become empowered, passionate, glowing women. So often throughout our lives we suffer varying degrees or trauma, emotional pain or physical damage which unless released and acknowledged, will continue to be held within our energetic and physical bodies. This can lead to illness or dis-ease of the mind, body and spirit which can dampen our inner flames & soul callings. I want to offer you a space where you can fully explore what it means to be you in all your colours. Where through massage, yoni steaming, journeying, cacao rituals and energy healing you can quieten your mind & learn to listen to your inner voice and your body. It is time to make decisions about your health based on what is true for YOU, and I offer a safe and nourishing space for you to do so.

No question is too small, please contact me if you want to ask me anything and I will get back to you right away. x

I look forward to meeting you,

Isla Rose x



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Wild Soul Healing

In 2009 I qualified with a Foundation Degree in advanced Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Holistic Massage, as well as Diplomas in Indian Head Massage and Reiki. In 2019 I have qualified in Womb, Menstrual and Fertility Massage. I absolutely love what I do, and have a deep burning passion to help women on their paths to reclaiming themselves + their bodies.


I believe that it is more important that ever for us women to pay attention to our health and begin to practice self-love every day. Whether it be making yourself a mindful cup of tea, giving yourself a massage, walking out in nature, taking a hot bath with candles, cooking yourself nourishing food - each act of self love will bring you into a closer relationship with your body and your emotional well-being.

As women, we are really good at putting everyone's needs before our own. Whether it be kids, a partner, wife or husband - they often come first, and we often come last. The thing is, the more that you ignore your own needs, passions and creativity, the more your mental and emotional health suffers, as you are not getting the precious time that you need to be YOU.

Here at Wild Soul Healing, my main aim is to give you a place to come where you can just let go and be you. Where you can explore what it means to have YOU time, where you can find out how to practice daily acts of self love and begin to come into a much deeper relationship with yourself.

And no, it is not selfish or indulgent - taking daily time for you is what tops your energy up so that you can continue to be the caring and loving mother, partner, wife, sister or business partner that you are.

But first, make the time for YOU.


Shamanic Soul Retrieval & Soul Receival - Bay Deane - Cacaoista, Shamanic Practitioner & Psychotherapist - June 2020


Ceremonial Cacao Training - Cacao Love 

April 2020

Vaginal Steam Facilitator - Steamy Chick

March 2020

Womb, Menstrual and Fertility Massage Therapist - Clare Blake Fertility Massage - 2019

2 year Shamanic Apprenticeship - Shamanic Planet 2012

FdSc Complementary Medicine 

Advanced Level 4 Clinical Aromatherapy

Advanced Level 4 Clinical Reflexology

Advanced Level 4 Deep Tissue Massage

Certificate in Non-Medical Nutritional Advice


Level 3 ITEC Diploma Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology.


Level 3 VTCT Diploma Indian Head Massage


First and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner



I hold professional therapist insurance by

The Federation of Holistic Therapists

Help & Support


2019 Wild Soul Healing - Womb, Menstrual and Fertility Massage for Women.

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