Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When booking a treatment it is really important that you have all questions and queries answered so that you feel comfortable and confident that this therapy and therapist are right for you. Below are some of my most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question please email me via the contact page.

Q. Is there free parking at Inspiring Health?

A. There is no parking at the Centre itself, but there are numerous car parks within a short walk of the space. During your telephone consultation I will be able to give you some directions and options.

Q. What clothes do I need to remove during the massage? Can I keep anything on?

A. I tailor every treatment to suit the clients needs so if you don't feel comfortable removing your bra for example, we can work around it. Usually for a Womb & Menstrual Massage, Fertility Massage or Therapeutic Aromatherapy, I would ask you to remove everything apart from your underpants so that I can access your whole body without any disruption to your treatment. For Energy Healing you do not need to remove any clothes, the treatment is performed fully clothed. I will always leave the room to give you privacy to get changed and will never re-enter the room until you are ready. Your privacy, respect and comfort are of up-most importance to me and my practice.

Q. What happens if I have a big emotional outbreak during the treatment, is this okay?

A. Emotional outbreaks are encouraged! Massage, touch and energy work help to shift old energy and toxins that have built up in the body over time, which means that it is totally normal to feel emotional before, during or after a treatment. This is a sign that your body has gone into healing mode and is releasing the things that it no longer needs. I always have plenty of tissues handy, so please don't worry! Common emotions the bubble up are: laughing, giggling, crying, anger, rage - and all of these are OKAY.

Q. What happens if I need to use the bathroom during the treatment, is this okay?

A. Yes of course you can! Just let me know and I can help you up and give you a towel to wrap yourself in whilst you are out of the therapy room. We will then resume the massage once you return. Massage helps to rid the body of toxins and can increase your need to urinate or excrete, this is totally normal. Please be aware that there may be other clients or therapists around the area once you leave the room. The treatment will still finish at the time originally scheduled.

Q. I am late for my treatment, will this affect the treatment time?

A. If you are late for your booking I am afraid that the massage will still need to finish at the time that was originally organised. This is our code of conduct with respect for other clients and therapists and the bookings they may have.

Q. I have to cancel my treatment within 24 hours, will I qualify for a refund?

A. I provide massage with professionalism and respect for all of my clients and am very empathetic and compassionate towards my clients circumstances, but I am also a one-woman-band and rely heavily on bookings for my income. There are also costs of the room, my time preparing the session, print-outs and website fees for online refunds, so for this reason I cannot offer refund to treatments cancelled within 24 hours.