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Cacao Guide
Intention Setting Meditation

Intention Setting Meditation

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Here is a little guided meditation for you to tune in to your inner world, and set an intention for your cacao elixir. I invite you to keep an open mind and heart and see what comes through for you! 

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Wild Soul Cacao Guide

Preparing Your Wild Soul Cacao Elixir



Thank you so much for buying your Wild Soul Cacao!

Here is a little guide to help you prepare her.


When preparing your Cacao, I invite you to be fully present. By lovingly sending your intentions into the cacao as you stir her, you will amplify the effects and make the experience much deeper and more profound :)












Peruvian Cacao Recipe & Ingredients

1 Mug of Cacao


20 - 30g of Wild Soul Cacao


180ml -200ml of Oat Milk

(filtered water or other plant milk can work too - just not cow’s milk, as it inhibits the effects of the cacao)


1/4 tsp - Cinnamon


1/4 tsp - Cardamom


1/4 tsp - Maca Powder


  1 tsp - Maple Syrup 

(or a natural sweetener of your choice)


Pinch - Cayenne Pepper

(this helps to activate the Cacao)


Pinch - Sea Salt or pink Himalayan salt


* you can also add turmeric, cardamon, rose powder, rosehip powder, herbal honey, medicinal mushroom powders…. There are so many combinations to play around with!! See what you feel drawn to :)



Finely chop your Cacao with love, putting your intention into her as you do so! Chopping her finely helps her to melt easily into the liquid.

Add all of the ingredients into a saucepan and heat very gently, mixing with a whisk, until the cacao mixture feels hot when you stick your finger in (not boiling, but hot enough that you have to take your finger out straight away)

If you have a thermometer, heat no more than 45 degrees, and serve straight away :) 

Please don't boil the mixture!! This will loose all of the powerful health benefits and psychoactive properties of the Cacao.

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Ecuadorian Cacao Recipe & Ingredients

1 Mug of Cacao


20g - 30g Ecuadorian Cacao


180ml - 200ml - Oat Milk

(or other plant milk/filtered water)


1/2 tsp - Cinnamon


1 tsp - Maple Syrup 

(or a natural sweetener of your choice)


Pinch - Cayenne Pepper

(this helps to activate the Cacao)


Pinch - Sea Salt or pink Himalayan salt


Finely chop your Cacao with intention :)

Put your Cacao in a bullet blender to turn into a powder and break down the naturally occurring grains within this raw, hand-processed strain.

Add your cacao to a pan with your liquid, spices, salt and syrup and heat gently to about 60 degrees.

Then add back into the blender to whiz, melting down the cacao and creating a beautifully creamy, earthy elixir, filled with rainbow bubbles!!


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Good Occasions to Drink Cacao 


Friends and Family


Sharing Cacao with loved ones is an incredibly deep, beautiful, heart-opening experience. Cooking up a decadent elixir with friends and creating a cosy space with blankets, cushions and candles can be a really wonderful way to connect and a have heart-felt evening together. Dancing is another beautiful way to open your hear to her medicine!!


Romantic Partners


Sharing Cacao with a romantic partner is a very powerful way to connect on all levels!! Cacao is a natural aphrodisiac, a deliciously sensual medicine to drink together during a night of intimacy. Cacao will create deep emotional communication and create a powerful openness to each other. She also increases the ability to have a deeply sacred sexual connection, by increasing pleasure, sensation and love. Mmmmmmm!


In Nature


Taking your Cacao elixir into nature is another very powerful way to connect to your surroundings and mother earth. Heightening your awareness, sensation and intuitive abilities, Cacao will help to bring a sense of calm and communion with the natural world.


Personal Exploration


One of the ways that I connected most deeply with Cacao is through my own personal exploration. I create a ceremonial elixir for myself and go on a shamanic journey or visualisation to connect with the spirit of Cacao for guidance, healing and messages. If you are not too experienced with journeying or visualisation, you can also connect to your body through online guided meditations, self-massage, yoga, music, dancing, reiki or even just through your breath. Exploring your own divine connection and developing what works for you is part of the magic and creative flair that Cacao has to offer :)  



I have personally explored drinking Cacao before self-pleasure, to help open my heart and soften my body so that I can open to more ecstacy and bliss! This can be really powerful if you have experienced sexual trauma, as Cacao really helps to relax the nervous system, increase sensitivity and levels of sensation in the body, whilst also cultivating a nourishing energetic space to hold you in. Very powerful!


What to Expect From Cacao 


When you drink Cacao, it is common to feel a fuzzy warm feeling emanating throughout your body. You may feel warm sensations in your heart chakra or a rush of emotions. Crying is Cacao’s natural purge, so if you feel the need to cry, laugh or howl thought your journey just know that this is really positive and let it all out!


Cacao can bring feelings of joy, euphoria, deep relaxation, bursts of insight, downloads of wisdom or inner knowing and can boost your intuitive feelings. A cup of ceremonial cacao can often feel like a big hug from the inside. Her medicine is deeply feminine and very gentle - she will be your guide all the way through and will hold your hand through anything that comes up. 


Journeying with Cacao can make the shamanic journey much deeper and you may find it easier to relax straight away. Your body may feel tingly and warm, or you may become very aware of your own energy or the energy around you. You may see more colours in your journey or more vivid visions.. all of these things are some of the powerful effects of Cacao medicine :) x 


Cacao’s messages can be very profound, and often quite simple too. I always recommend listening to Cacao’s messages and acting on them, I have personally had some life altering changes occur when acting on her words, which have been deeply healing. 





Safety & Aftercare


I would recommend taking a ceremonial dose of Cacao (30-42g) no more than once a week, as she can be quite heavy on the adrenal glands, especially if you have other stimulants in your diet such as coffee.

A good daily dose is anywhere between 10g - 20g.

Drink plenty of water and make sure that you are fully hydrated before you drink cacao in any quantity.

If you take a larger ceremonial dose (30-40g) be very gentle with yourself afterwards and make sure you have something light and nourishing to eat. Try not to do anything strenuous as your body will need to rest and integrate :)

Please don’t drink alcohol with or after you have had Cacao (especially with the larger doses) as it can have negative side effects and inhibit any emotional healing or release that comes with Cacao’s medicine.

If you begin to feel nauseous or sick, or if you begin to get a headache, stop drinking the cacao and switch to water. This is your body’s was of telling you that you have had enough for now, although you may wish to finish it later :)



Do You Need A Lower Dose?


You may need a lower amount of Cacao if you are on or have any of the following:



Heart Conditions or High Blood Pressure


Breast Feeding



Cacao is high in Tryptophan which is the precursor to Serotonin. It boosts serotonin levels in the body which can cause ‘serotonin syndrome’ in people who are on antidepressants. Side-effects can be headaches, tiredness, lethargy and dizziness. Starting with a low dose (10g-12g) and seeing how your body reacts is the best way to get a feel for your tolerance, then you can always move up or down from there.


Heart Conditions

The Theobromine in Cacao boosts the circulation and effects the physical heart, as well as the emotional heart, so if you have any heart conditions or high blood pressure you will need a lower dose. If you are okay with coffee and dark chocolate then you should be okay with cacao. I would invite you to check with your doctor if you are unsure.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Cacao can be really nourishing and beautiful during pregnancy, helping to relax the nervous system of the mumma to be, balance the hormones and increase feelings of joy, well-being and bliss! I would invite you to have a slightly lower dose, as she is high in caffeine and can be a little taxing on the adrenals. Anywhere below 20g should be okay a couple of times per week. During breastfeeding I would also invite you to keep to a lower dose, tune into your body and your baby :)

(although please note that I am not a doctor. If you feel unsure at any point, please speak with your health practitioner or GP. )


I really hope that this gives you a little more insight into Cacao, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


All My Love, 


Isla-Rose x x