DIY Yoni Steam Program

DIY Yoni Steam Program

Yoni Steaming is a natural therapy that uses the healing benefits of steam and the properties of herbs to help heal many menstrual, reproductive, hormonal, emotional and energetic health issues. I aim to empower as many women as possible to take ownership of their womb health and to do so in a healthy, nourishing and natural wayAn infusion of specially chosen herbs are collected and soaked in a large pot or bowl, which is then placed under your vagina so that the nourishing herbal vapour can rise and give you a delicious, sensual steam. The volatile oils in the herbs are released, drifting into a beautifully smelling, warm, healing steam that massages your yoni, relaxes your uterine muscles and gives you a big kiss from the inside out. Sounds pretty good hey?



Benefits of Steaming

Painful periods


Pelvic pain

Pelvic congestion

 Tilted womb

Missing periods

Late periods

 Heavy periods

 Short cycles

 Vaginal dryness

 Hot flashes

Menopausal symptoms

 Hormone imbalances



 Ovarian cysts


 Bacterial vaginosis

 Yeast infections



Trauma or sexual abuse

History, Myths and More Information

Vaginal Steaming is used all over the world from steam spas in Korea, Africa, South America, Indonesia, USA, Europe just to name a few places! It has been used by traditional midwives and healers to nourish the female reproductive organs and help heal menstrual, reproductive, hormonal, emotional and energetic imbalances in women.

There is a lot of controversial information out there about Vaginal Steaming which I personally feel is out there to keep us women contained and reliant on the medical system rather than taking our health into our own hands. Please read my Blog Post on Vaginal Steaming for more information & myth busting.


DIY Yoni Steam Program


What's Included:

  • An in-depth Reproductive & Menstrual Health Consultation.

  • 1 x 30 min Consultation Video Call - on Zoom.

  • Full Access to DIY Vaginal Steam Program - with videos, photos, downloadable menstrual seasons chart, guided visualisation, womb cleanse care, cycle charting, proper period care, how-to-make-your-own vaginal steam chair + much more!

  • Build Your Own Vaginal Steam Chair - step by step video on how to make your own chair.

  • Everything you need to start steaming safely

  • A tailor made herbal steam blend specifically for your physical and emotional well-being.

  • 4 x Herbal Steam Blend Packs - sent to you by post for your first 4 weeks of steaming.

  • Ongoing support and contact throughout.

  • 1 x Final 30 min Consultation Call Check-In - at the end of your 4 week steaming period.

Normal Price: £65.00


Help & Support


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