Introduction To Cacao
Online Course

What's Included?

This course is packed full of tools, guidance, information and embodied practices for you to begin your exploration with Ceremonial Cacao! I have included:



Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Benefits

History & Ixcacao's Story

Channelled Messages from Mother Cacao

How To Create Ceremony & Ritual For Yourself

Recipes & Preparation

Safety and Dosage

Guided Visualisations

Guided Self-Love Journey to Meet The Spirit of Cacao

Chakra Healing Music Meditation

** Includes 1 x Bag of Peruvian Wild Soul Cacao!!**

This course is a journey of exploration, self-healing and self-discovery! It does not teach you how to hold space or ceremony for other people, this is a beginners course to help you to connect to Cacao personally.

I recommend buying yourself some Cacao too to go with the course, this is available in my shop. There are different quantities to choose from, so see what you feel drawn to for this exploration!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have, or any feedback. I really would love to hear from you!

 Price: 125.00