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Shamanic Womb Healing

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Shamanic Womb Healing

If you are being called to a shamanic womb healing, you are being called Home. Your womb is communicating with you, she is asking for your attention, your love and your care. During this very special session, we will be going on a deep shamanic journey to connect to your inner womb cave. It is here, within this power centre that lives inside you, that you will find all of the answers and healing that you need for your journey right now. Through setting a powerful intention and preparing any questions that you feel you would like answers to, you will be able access all the guidance, insights and wisdom that your womb space holds.

Are you feeling disconnected from your womb space, your yoni, your sexuality or your femininity? Have you experienced trauma or emotional wounding that is being held in your womb space? Do you suffer with a painful or disrupted menstrual cycle? Are you struggling to fall pregnant? Do you experience pain, numbness, triggers or fear during intimacy with a partner? Do you feel shame or guilt around your sexuality or self-pleasure?

Your womb, your yoni, your ovaries and your fallopian tubes all hold the wisdom, the answers and the healing potential. Through this deeply guided shamanic journey, we will tune in to your inner womb sanctuary and begin to cultivate a relationship with this sacred and potent part of yourself. You will receive guidance, messages, ritual ideas and practices that can help you move forward on your womb healing and connection journey.

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