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I have been working with clients over the internet now for some months and have found each Soul Retreival or Shamanic Journey session to be just as powerful as they are in person. Energy travels beyond the physical realm, wherever the intention goes energy will naturally flow. Through setting a clear and focussed intention and journeying together, I have found that these Shamanic Sessions are a very profound and incredibly transformative experience for myself and my clients.

What is a Soul Retrieval?

​A Soul Retrieval is a guided shamanic journey that enables you to retrieve fragmented parts of yourself that may have split off due to a past traumatic experience. By retrieving these parts, you regain your beautiful glowing life force, which in turn brings you more energy, vitality and positivity to your life. 


Soul parts can split off at any point in your life, whether it be at birth, during childhood or adulthood, often when you experience something heavily shocking, upsetting or traumatising. Some examples would be: any type of childhood abuse, sexual abuse, relationship break downs, death of loved ones, birth trauma (whether giving birth or your own birth) physical abuse, emotional abuse, physical accidents or injuries - plus many many other types of traumatic experiences. 


Some questions to think about:

Is there a particular pattern in your life that you keep repeating? 

Do you feel like a part of you is missing and holding you back from moving forward? 

Do you feel like someone has got a part of your life force or you a part of theirs?

Have you experienced a trauma that is unresolved and is showing up in your day-to-day life?

What is Soul Receival?

A Soul Receival is where you receive a new soul part or new life force energy into your body. This is a really powerful healing to do if you are feeling depleted in energy or lacking life force, motivation, clarity or positivity in some area of your life. A soul receival can help to give you a burst of energy to help you move forward, and be a really beautiful, positive, energising, inspirational journey to take during your healing process. Soul Receival doesn't access past trauma, it brings in a fresh new soul energy to help you exactly where you are in your life right now.


Some questions to think about:

Do you feel stuck, blocked or unclear on your life path?

Do you feel lethargic, lacking in vitality and positivity?

Do you wish to know your purpose here on Earth?

Do you need a fresh focus, energy boost and inspiration in your life right now?

How Does a Session Work?

Once you have booked your Soul Retrieval or Soul Receival, I will contact you to book your

30 min Intention Setting Zoom Call. During this call we will talk about why you have come for a session, and together we will come up with a clear intention for your journey. We will then set the date for your Online Soul Retrieval/Soul Receival session over Zoom. I will start the Soul Retreival/Soul Receival by checking in with you, before taking you on a guided journey to find your soul part. I will ask you to make yourself cosy and comfy with blankets, cushions, pillows and candles so that you feel safe and comfortable. I will guide you with my drum and my voice and will ask you questions throughout. Once we have retreived your soul part, we will return and spend the last part of the session sharing and talking through your messages/visions and creating intentions to carry forward into the next two weeks.

Book Your Session



Intention Setting Zoom Call - 30 mins

Soul Retrieval/Soul Receival - 90 - 120 mins


Introductory Price

(for September & October 2020)


(£65.00 thereafter)


What's Included In The Session?


1 x 30 min Intention Setting Zoom Call 

An Online Guided Soul Retrieval Journey - to retrieve your Soul Part

Sharing, reflections and check in at the end

Guidance and Integration Support

20% off of your next treatment or session booking with me!

(this includes all of my offerings)


1 x 30 min After-Care Zoom Call

(this will be booked for 2 weeks after your initial Soul Retrieval journey)

Help & Support


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