Dionne Ward - January 2021


"Having never done any shamanic work before I was not sure what to expect when I first called Isla. I knew that I had some blocks in emotion resulting from a past trauma and that talking therapy had been useful but not enough. Isla made me feel at ease from the moment I engaged with her. She is warm, genuine and I got a sense that she truly did this work because of her want (or calling) to heal. Talking to her felt like I was being seen and heard. She was incredibly supportive throughout our work together and I always felt held, safe and cared for. When I am working on such deep traumas, being genuinely cared for during the process I believe is imperative to the outcome of the work. 

I was sad when we came to the end of our first piece of work together and I look forward to more sessions with Isla where I know I will have the safe space to develop and understand myself to a deeper level. She has enabled me to learn more about myself, connect the dots between current emotions and behaviours and past experiences, and to change my thought and behaviour patterns. Its hard to find the words to truly express my heartfelt gratitude for her as a person and her healing abilities."


My Experience of Soul Retrieval 

"I had never done a shamanic journey like this before; when I saw Isla's website the soul retrieval spoke to me. Like a light bulb moment I felt I had left a part of my soul with someone I was in an abusive relationship with. Before I saw Isla's website I didn't even know this could be something that happens. So I wasn't sure what to expect or how it worked. As much as I very much connected with Isla immediately I still wasn't sure how deep I would be able to go into this soul retrieval and wasn't expecting a huge amount from it; having had years of talking therapy

However, the soul retrieval was very profound. At times beautiful even funny and at times darker and more challenging. Throughout I was aware of Isla, who continuously checked I was ok and guided me in a safe and loving  manner. I was able to have exchanges and conversations during the journey with an ex partner that I never thought I wanted let alone needed. Conversations and exchanges that have since had a positive impact on me being able to move away from those feelings of being emotionally held captive by what happened to me many years ago. This was the part of that healing that I hadn't quite shifted with talking therapy and I needed something more profound, more visual to allow that shift and awareness to happen in me. 

I am 2 weeks post the session and I can see a stark difference in the way I react to certain situations now. Less frustration, less fear and generally more grounded. It has also enabled me to realise that some of these feelings go back as far as childhood, so not just from the abuse. Something else I don't think I would have been able to connect to without the soul retrieval with Isla."