Below are some testimonials from my clients, I have omitted their names for privacy purposes.

"I was chosen as a case study for Isla as me and my partner had been trying to get pregnant for 6 months. So far my two treatments with her have been amazing. She has found trauma I’ve been holding onto for years I didn’t even know I had. And slowly I feel it’s beginning to shift. She has been so supportive, professional and I believe she’s a natural healer. The biggest change for me has been the ability to love my body again and allow my partner to touch my tummy for the first time in our nearly two year relationship. Isla has set me on the path to a long healing journey to love my body and my womb and I believe once my treatments are finished I will fulfil my dream of another child. I can’t thank her enough for the change in myself i’m already seeing and giving me back a connection to a part of my body I was so disconnected with."

Client 4 - 24.05.19

"I had a course of three treatments of Womb and Fertility Massage with Isla Rose.  I have long suffered from menstrual issues including heavy, painful periods, fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cysts and am now experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms.  I had previously had a single session of womb massage with another practitioner and found it to be very helpful with breaking down endometrial adhesions which reduced the pain I experienced from these, and so was very keen to try further treatments.  The treatment I had with Isla Rose was of a gentler but more comprehensive nature, with more of an energetic focus.  I found that the whole of my sacral area was more relaxed after each treatment which has helped reduce back pain. The abdominal massage was gentle and soothing.  I was very relaxed physically after each treatment and as a bonus, my IBS settled after each treatment also. My period has been sporadic lately, however after 3 treatments I had two periods back on schedule.  The one after the first treatment was very painful and unusually for me was not very heavy, but the second one at the third treatment time was less painful than usual and with less flooding and clotting.  On an emotional level I went through quite a journey, letting go of a lot of negative energy I was holding from past experiences and from others, particularly after the second session.  I found the aftercare advice really useful and burning ceremonies were particularly liberating for me.  Isla Rose is a wonderful therapist with such a warm, positive energy about her.  She put me completely at ease and let me know the level of nudity to be expected beforehand, which was really considerate.  It was a truly nurturing experience and I am looking forward to further sessions.  I will recommend Isla Rose to others who may not be looking for fertility treatment, but who can still benefit from the energetic and hormonal balance as well as the physical, mental and emotional relaxation Womb, Menstrual and Fertility Massage can help them to experience."

Client 1 - 06.05.19

"I absolutely love having the womb healing massages of Isla - I felt held in her gentle, compassionate clear presence, totally attended to and nurtured by her. She has a way about her that made me feel completely safe, cared for, accepted and heard. Her quality of attention, tone and pace of voice, combined with her very skill-full abilities, drawing upon various practices, meant that all of me felt seen and acknowledged while receiving the gift of her visions and insights.  The womb healing massage took me to a deep, peaceful and spacious place - it was like returning to the void and be enveloped by the 'cosmic womb' holding space. It is such a revelation to be given so much attention to having the abdomen and my sacrum and glutes massaged as these areas work so hard and have stored so much trauma, but were not given the attention they needed to clear and release till now. I found the treatment so deeply nurturing and relaxing while significantly clearing all that needed to be cleared and returning to me all that was calling to be returned. It has been a real treat, one where I have been able to easily and completely let go and switch off. I appreciate the space given to share what has come up for me in between the sessions as well as have a bit of integration time to acknowledge stuff at the end of the treatment. Isla quality of touch was perfect and I felt her so in tune that she would know when are where to linger and with what type of quality, I could tell she was deeply listening and attuning in the widest sense."

Client 2 - 09.05.19

"A huge thank you to you for choosing me as a case study. I have benefited enormously from the treatments and will definately be back for more. Isla is an excellent therapist. Warm and reassuring, filled with love and light. Isla really personalises the treatments and goes the extra mile in researching and in providing extra little touches like the lovely warm towels, crystals and personalised blends . I have rarely felt so supported. With her help I have begun to heal old wounds and feel far stronger. I am reconnecting with my womb and my innate wisdom and intuitive power. I have already seen a difference in my periods, the last one was lighter overall, and I felt more cleansed after it. I feel more balanced hormonally. Extra abdominal fat that bothered me since my last pregnancy has started to shift. My cesarean scar feels better,  I have been educated in self womb massage and had books on womb health recommended. I feel lighter emotionally. I was in despair over my heavy periods, and doctors seemed unable to help me. I was actually looking forward to the menopause for it to stop. This treatment is essential for any woman's health. I have been highly recommending it to all my friends and I will definitely recommend it to all my clients at the Wellness Space. I cannot thank you enough."

Client 3 - 12.04.19

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