Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage

Therapeutic Aromatherapy is a slow and soothing massage treatment, which uses the properties of 100% Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to bring about balance, harmony and relaxation to the body, emotions and soul. Essential oils are 'life force' essences derived from plants, each one containing vital high vibrational healing properties that work in sync with the systems of the body. Therapeutic Aromatherapy is a treatment used to induce deep relaxation, improve sleep, improve mood, reduce the effects of stress related conditions, to help release trapped emotions and old worn out thought patterns.

Please Note: I use a set of very powerful Doterra therapeutic grade essential oils which work very deeply with the body on a physical level, but also on an emotional level too which can be very deeply healing. You may feel an array of different emotions bubble up throughout your treatment, but this is absolutely fine and a huge part of the healing process. The space that I create is completely safe and confidential for you to experience the release of letting go during your session.



Enhances the mood + feelings of well-being and happiness

Helps to release old emotions that are held in the body​

Induces a deep relaxation so causes a reduction in stress, anxiety, depression + burnout symptoms

Strengthens the immune system, circulation and oxygen in the blood​

 Aids the body in detoxifying through the lymphatic system​

Helps to balance the hormones + the female reproductive system​

Can help to reduce aches + pains, muscle tension, skin problems, joint pain​

Helps insomnia symptoms and encourages restful sleep​

Help to improve sluggish digestion therefore improving overall health.

Treatment Information


Prior to your first treatment, I will email you the consultation form to complete and then offer you a free 20min Consultation Call to find out a bit more about you, your medical history, lifestyle, and your reasons for treatment. This means that we don't have to cut into valuable treatment time when you arrive, and also gives me time to create a individual treatment just for you. Before you arrive I will work to choose a blend of oils to suit your ailments, mood and preference. At the end of the treatment I will give you some advice on how to use these essential plant oils in your everyday life, to help bring calmness and tranquility to you on a daily basis!

Treatment Length & Price

60 mins - £50

90 mins - £65