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Wild Soul Cacao

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Wild Soul Cacao

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I invite you to close your eyes and take a deep breath in, and a long, loud exhale out.


I invite you to land in this space fully, and honour yourself for the journey it took to bring you to this page of my website, and this page of your life.

Mother Cacao has been considered by the Mayans as a sacred Plant Medicine for thousands of years. Her native home is Central & South America, and you will usually see Cacao from Peru, Guatemala & Ecuador and sometimes Colombia and Costa Rica too. Her medicine is now spreading around the planet, helping heal the hearts of many, in a beautiful and profound way. She is here to help each and every one of us to step into our truth and authenticity, with the deepest and most purest Love. If you haven't heard of her before, she is the rawest, most pure form of the chocolate. Ceremonial Cacao is created from the 100% raw beans, which are harvested and fermented and then ground down into a paste using the naturally occurring cacao butter. This paste then solidifies into what we call Ceremonial Cacao paste, which usually looks like a beautiful, chocolatey block. Her colours and textures can vary depending on the grower, her place of origin and the cacao butter content within the particular strain of Cacao. From here, she can then be chopped or grated with love and intention, and made into a powerful elixir to open your heart and connect you to the truth that lies within your being.


 Cacao holds many physical health benefits, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual health benefits too. She is packed full of vitamins and minerals, is calming to the nervous system, brings energy, motivation and clarity, as well as so much joy and pleasure! 

She is the true medicine of the physical and emotional Heart, helping each individual who works with her to open their hearts in a profound way. Old emotional blockages may be released, old patterns of behaviour broken, trauma brought to the surface for healing and an inevitable raise in the vibration for the person receiving her medicine. SO much Love is poured into every aspect of your being when you begin to work with Cacao, that there becomes no space for the lower vibrational energies of fear, shame or guilt to reside.


By drinking her as a daily elixir or journeying with her during ceremony, you will begin a deep and powerful healing journey into the depths of your soul. You will have the opportunity to love yourself more than you ever have, meaning you will be able to love others more fully too.


I am so excited for your journey with this beautiful, gentle yet incredibly powerful medicine.

Love, Blessings and So Much Gratitude. x 

How You Can Work With Cacao


One-to-One Cacao Ceremonies

One-to-One Cacao Ceremonies are an opportunity for you to journey really deeply into yourself for healing. I will hold a safe container for you to open up to the power of the plant medicine. I will invite you to set a powerful intention for your healing, and will take you on a deep shamanic journey to meet with the spirit of Cacao for messages, guidance and healing. I am with you every step of the way! This is a really good option if you feel drawn to a more intimate, one-to-one healing session.

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Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao Ceremonies are a really sacred and special way to connect to Mother Cacao, and to journey with other like minded souls. Each ceremony starts with setting of intentions and a sacred silence to drink our Cacao, before I take you on a guided shamanic journey to meet the Spirit of Cacao. Each ceremony has a different theme, although you will always be guided to meet with Mother Cacao for guidance, messages and insights into your intention and healing path for this time.


Buy Ceremonial Cacao

The beautiful Cacao that I sell and use for all of my ceremonies comes from a beautiful farmers        co-operative in Peru. She is an ancient strain of Criollo Cacao who is naturally high in Cacao Butter, giving her this beautifully smooth sensuality and mouth feel. This particular Cacao tastes rich, smooth, creamy and gentle, with a deeply luxurious, feminine quality to her too. The beans are harvested and fermented without roasting, to preserve all of the medicinal and nutritional properties. She is available in different sized bags, depending on your needs.

Introduction To Cacao

Online Course

This Online Course is perfect if you are totally new to Cacao and wish to begin your own personal journey!! 



Health Benefits

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Effects


Ceremony & Ritual


Guided Visualisations & Meditations

Guided Self-Love Journey To Meet The Spirit of Cacao

Channelled Messages from Cacao

Plus MUCH more!!