Womb, Yoni & Menstrual Health Coaching

Womb, Yoni & Menstrual Health Coaching

Dear Beautiful Woman

Thank you for stepping into this space. 

This is a space where you will be seen, heard and felt, for all of your wild, untamed, unapologetic, vulnerable parts. A space to drop into your heart and your womb, and to love what arises. 


I feel a deep calling to hold Womb, Yoni & Menstrual Health Coaching for women suffering with all ranges of menstrual, reproductive, womb & yoni health issues. My heart-felt aim is to help women understand and give love to that which is moving within their bodies and to provide insight, wisdom and tools to help with any ailments that are arising for you. I feel that for these session to be really effective, I will integrate all the tools in my medicine bag with my experience of other therapies, into holistic sessions that will bring awareness to all aspects of your being, emotional, energetic, physical and mental. Your session may include things such as talking/sharing, ceremonial cacao rituals, movement, breathwork, womb massage, reiki healing, shamanic healing, yoni steaming, self massage, spirit channeling and guided shamanic journeying.

I can help you with: painful periods, cramping, heavy bleeds, PMT, irregular periods, missing periods, endometritis, fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, tilted womb, tight pelvic ligaments, tilted pelvis, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, imbalanced hormones, infections (yeast, BV) UTI's, haemorrhoids, post-partum care and natural vaginal lifts. 


These sessions can also really supportive for helping women to acknowledge emotional wounding, stuck energy or old trauma associated with past sexual partners, as well as physical, emotional, mental or sexual abuse. It can also be really supportive for women who have experienced difficult birthing, miscarriages, abortions, rape and difficult relationships with their own mother. This is incredibly powerful work and can often help the receiver to begin a journey into releasing, healing and transforming themselves and their lives. Through a course of sessions, women will naturally come into a deeper connection to their bodies, wombs, moon cycles, menstrual cycles, intuition, personal power and confidence.



Session Information:

 Womb, Yoni & Menstrual Health Coaching

Initial Consultation

This may differ slightly for in-person clients

(this will include a deep consultation chat, guided visualisation/journey, Q&A, and personalised plan for coaching sessions)

Time: 120 mins (2 hours)

Price: £75.00

Coaching Sessions

Regular Coaching Sessions:

 Time: 90 mins

Price £65.00 

Block Booking Discount:

If you book 5 sessions then the block will come at the discounted rate of: £295.00