Menstrual & Reproductive Health Consultations and Coaching

Menstrual & Reproductive Health 

I am now offering consultations and coaching for women suffering with all ranges of menstrual and reproductive health issues. My aim is to help women understand what is moving within their bodies and provide insight, wisdom and tools to help rebalance, soothe and heal any dis-ease that is showing up. 


I can help you with: painful periods, cramping, heavy bleeds, PMT, irregular periods, missing periods, extended periods, clotting, brown and black blood, endometritis, fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, tilted womb, tight pelvic ligaments, tilted pelvis, as well as menopausal issues such as hot flushes, vaginal dryness, imbalanced hormones and difficult emotions associated with the menopausal transition. I can also help with infections (yeast, BV) UTI's, haemorrhoids, post-partum care and natural vaginal lifts. 


These sessions can also really supportive for helping women to acknowledge painful emotions or stuck energy or old trauma associated with past sexual partners, as well as physical, emotional, mental or sexual abuse. It can also be really supportive for women who have experienced difficult births, miscarriages, abortions, rape and difficult relationships with their own mother. This is incredibly powerful work and can often help the receiver to begin a journey into releasing, healing and transforming themselves and their lives. Through a course of sessions, women will naturally come into a deeper connection to their bodies, wombs, moon cycles, menstrual cycles, intuition, personal power and confidence.


I will integrate my knowledge and experience of other therapies into sessions if the client feels this is right, which may include things such as shamanic soul retrievals/receivals, yoni steaming, self-womb massage, cacao rituals, mediumship channeling and shamanic journeying.

Session Information:

Menstrual & Reproductive Health Consultations and Coaching

Initial Consultation

(to include consultation, guided visualisation, Q&A, and personalised plan for coaching sessions)


Time: 90 mins


Price: £65.00

Coaching Sessions

Regular Coaching Sessions:

Time: 60 mins

Price £45.00

Please Note: Further Coaching Sessions that include other therapies may differ in price.


Help & Support


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