Womb Wisdom Consultations

Womb Wisdom Consultations

A Womb Wisdom Consultation gives us a chance to talk through your Menstrual or Reproductive Health challenges in depth so that we can better understand the causes and the potential healing path needed. I offer a 1 hour Womb Wisdom Consultation which would begin by me emailing you through a Consultation Form prior to your session. I would then ask you to take your time to fill this out as deeply and thoroughly as possible so that I can review it and come up with a plan for your session. We would then arrange a Skype chat or Zoom meeting so that we could talk through what you are experiencing emotionally, mentally and physically. The outcome would give you some practical recommendations and suggestions moving forward, so that you can feel empowered to start making some subtle shifts towards a better hormonal balance, lesser pain and healthier periods.

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