A Message For The Collective From Mother Cacao

This message has been channelled from Mother Cacao. Directly from her heart to yours.

"At this time in human history, we are at a crossroads. There are two clear paths in front of us, one to the left and one to the right. But which one will you take? As the old, patriarchal ways are crumbling there is a light starting to form, deep within the core of Mother Earth. She is coming back to life, she is finding her vital essence once again and she is up-rising. You are all manifestations of her true light essence, and as she rises, so will you. "

"As this light builds in strength, your own energy field and frequency will climb to new heights creating more space, freedom and lightness in your human existence. But, with light also comes darkness, and this light awakening will also drag up your own shadows and heavy energies to face. With light comes the dark, and with dark comes the light. The energies of this time are intensified and heightened, which means these darker energies may be arising for you thick and fast. Traumas, emotional woundings, patterns of behaviour and fear will be rising for you to see, for you to feel and for you to lovingly let go."

"My medicine is here to help you throughout this light awakening, to help you go into those dark places with an open heart and with courage. I am here to soften the blow, to ease the pain and to illuminate your path forward. I have the medicine, the balm, the potion and the elixir to help shift these old energies and to help you see where they are manifesting in your life. I will guide you to move forward to let them go."

"Magic and miracles are made to sound like fables, like stories and myths but they are very much a part of your existence here on Earth. The magic in your everyday life, in little tasks, gifts, blessings and words is so valuable for your healing and ascension. So often these small gestures can be overlooked, shunned or deemed as insignificant or unimportant, but they are actually the gold dust that each of you earthly beings need, so that you can move forward on your journey home. Don’t forget the miracle of your very existence, the miracle of each breath, each emotion, each sensation…. You truly are a miracle of the universe, in all your shapes, sizes and colours - you are perfection, you are whole and you are divine."

"This separation mentality that has plagued the people of this planet for thousands of years is like a disease, spreading and infiltrating every aspect of the mind and life. It is toxic, and creates fear, lack, separation and loss. This is the lie, the falsehood of your existence. This is what kills your magic and your ability to see miracles in your daily life. This is what hinders your healing, your connection to the divine and the ability to truly open your heart. Fear is the lowest vibrational energy and the exact opposite to Love. Fear drags you down into the depths of despair, into a dark place where nothing can grow and no light can enter. You humans are experts at spreading this fear and dragging other earthly beings down into this hole with you. When you get there, it can be really hard to get out, to find the ladder back up towards the light."

"Through working with my medicine, you will start to find little glimmers of light, glimmers of hope and abundance. You will start to see the magic and the miracles of your existence, and these little sparks will help you to find the ladder and start your ascension back up to the light. Please don’t forget that each and every one of you is on your own journey back to the light, back to love, back Home. Judgment does not serve. It doesn’t serve you, or the person you are judging. If you are higher up the ladder than one of your kin, one of your brothers and sisters, I invite you to extend out a hand, share a miracle or some magic with them and show them the way. You are all part of the same energy body, the same frequency, the same consciousness. You are just different manifestations having your own individual journey within the vastness of the universal energy that we are all a part of."

"Let me guide you hack Home. Back Home to yourself. Let me show you the darkness and the path to your light, let me help you to open your heart to yourself and to others. Let me take you by the hand and guide you through this journey that is life, with the deepest love, honour, respect and gratitude, so that you can begin to see the sparkles and the magic of life again. So that you can begin to see the vastness of Love and how it infiltrates and connects every living being, every living soul and every part of the universe."


You are LOVE

Together we are stardust made of LOVE

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