Ceremonial Cacao - Heart Medicine

Updated: Jan 2

Sensual, luxurious, decadent, soothing, enlivening, stirring, arousing, heart-opening…. Why wouldn’t you want to include this life-giving elixir in your life?!

My Journey With Cacao

I am so grateful and excited to be sharing this blog post with you, in a hope to inspire your own personal journey with this wonderful plant medicine. My journey with Cacao started last year when I noticed that I had this deep pull to attend to my first Cacao ceremony. I made a little pilgrimage up to Somerset to meet with a beautiful circle of other cacao explorers and journeyers. We were guided into a fairy-like wooden cabin, with a beautiful log burner at the centre, dimly lit by candles and big swadges of sage smoke filling the air. Instantly, my body and womb knew that I was supposed to be here. The ceremony began, we shared our deepest most heart-felt intentions, pulled oracle cards for our journeys and shared a

sacred silence whilst drinking our plant medicine. Then, snuggling down in our individual beds, the healing and journeying began. This is when I realised just how potent and powerful this divinely feminine plant medicine really is. And all the healing was directed straight to my womb.

From my first experience, and through all of my further journeys with Cacao I have come to see just how incredible she is for heart, soul and womb healing. She embodies divine feminine and sacred fertility medicine, and works on so many levels to help release blocked emotions, old patterning and trauma that is being held in the womb, heart and pelvic bowl. My heart was blown open, and my path made so clear.... to bring this powerful, gentle feminine medicine to my clients, to help with reclaiming their wombs, sexuality, fertility and connection to their own sacred divine feminine wisdom.

I hope that this blog post gives you a deeper understanding of Cacao and how to work with her safely and sacredly, whilst also igniting a little fire of excitement and curiosity within your own soul. x x x

The Geeky Bit....A Little Bit of Cacao History

Cacao is an ancient plant medicine which has been around since the mesoamerican times. It pre-dates the Mayans, with evidence going as far back as the Olmecs in 1500 - 400 BCE. The Mayans used to honour the cacao trees as sacred, growing cacao orchards called ‘cacaotales’ with thousands of multi-coloured pods that held the prized beans. The Mayans were a really advanced race, developing and discovering things such a writing, mathematics, astrology, architecture and….. cacao based elixirs. They also made great use of many other plant medicines too, including psilocybin found in magic mushrooms. From hand-crafted clay bowls, they drank their concoctions of hot or cold cacao (or ‘kakawa’)

It was prized by The Toltecs and The Aztecs, and then was finally discovered by the Spanish during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. They invaded and destroyed the native culture, and whilst doing so discovered that the cacao plant was of great importance to these people, so decided to take it for themselves. They added their own spin on the traditional bitter elixir, adding sugar and spices to make it more palatable for them. This sweetened form of cacao became known as ‘chocolate’ and formed chocolate as we know it today!!

Also known as “Food of the Gods,’ cacao has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. The people of mesoamerica gave cacao sacred status and drank it during ceremony to commune with their gods.

Xochiquetzal The Fertility Goddess

The sacred Cacao bean is associated with Xochiquetzal, who is an Aztec fertility goddess of maidenhood, female sexual power, beauty, love, crafts and childbirth. A very powerful goddess to invoke for fertility rituals, sacred sexual unions, conception, childbirth and postpartum and for all creative explorations and practices.

Physical Health Benefits of Cacao

There are so many wonderful health benefits to Cacao, she is powerfully nutritious and nourishing to the the body, calming to the nervous system, boosting for mood and energy levels and increase the circulation, focus and memory!