Vaginal Steaming

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Busting Myths, Explaining Truth's and Giving You All The Information to Take Ownership and Responsibility for Your Menstrual and Reproductive Health.
What is Vaginal Steaming?

Now, I know it may sound like a strange concept to you if you haven’t heard of Vaginal Steaming before… but stay with me, okay?! Steaming your yoni with herbs is an ancient practice that can be traced back to many lineages around the world, and has been used a very long time by traditional midwives and healers. Steaming the female reproductive system can help all menstrual, emotional, energetic and physical reproductive health issues. Symptoms such as cramping, painful periods, heavy periods, long cycles, irregular periods, clotting, missing periods, lack of labido, fibroids, endometritis, ovarian cysts, HPV, pelvic trauma, pelvic pain, vaginal dryness, hormonal imbalances, infections, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, hot flashes, night sweats, prolapse and post-partum can all be treated by simply steaming your yoni and vagina with specific herbs to suit your body.

An infusion of specially chosen, organic herbs are collected and soaked in a large pot or bowl, which is then placed under your yoni so that the nourishing herbal vapour can rise and give you a delicious, sensual steam. The volatile oils in the herbs are released, drifting into a beautifully smelling, warm, healing steam that massages your yoni, relaxes your uterine muscles and gives you a big kiss from the inside out. Sounds pretty good hey?

It is so easy to set-up your very own steam station at home so that you can steam on a regular basis! I hope to offer support and guidance on how to do this, and empower women to take charge of their reproductive and menstrual health - especially during this difficult and uncertain time. It is also really important to use herbs that are safe for your particular ailments and symptoms. Herbs are extremely powerful and although incredibly healing, can also cause damage if they are not right for your body. This is why I have set up my Vaginal DIY Program and Consultations to be with you every step of the way!

Are There Any Contraindications?

Contraindications are when it is NOT okay to steam. These are really important to abide by for your safety. If you have any of the below contraindications then you SHOULD NOT steam.

When there is fresh red spotting or bleeding

During menstruation During pregnancy After ovulation whilst trying to conceive When prone to continual or spontaneous bleeding between periods or 2 periods per month) Extremely hot weather If you have a burning Itch

Myth Busting

I thought I would bust a few of the most common myths and fears around Vaginal Steaming which seem to be plastered all over the internet at the moment. My teacher Keli from has treated over 1000 women for all different types of menstrual, reproductive, menopausal, hormonal, energetic and emotional womb health issues and is funding proper scientific research into the therapy to try and get it recognised by health practitioners world wide. <3

Myth: The uterus is a self cleaning organ and doesn't need any help through steam or herbs.

Truth: Yes, the uterus is a self-cleansing organ. Your period that comes each month is a uterine cleanse, which when working efficiently is really effective. What many of us women don't know is that there are many factors that can affect us having a healthy period or cleanse meaning that old residue can clog up the uterus, causing cramping, pain, heavy and long periods, aching, hormonal imbalances, fibroids, endometriosis and infertility. Things such as totally resting during your period, eating warm foods, not using 'plug-up' forms of period care all help your body to cleanse effectively.

Myth: The vaginal flora are incredibly sensitive and steaming can totally ruin and destroy the healthy bacteria.

Truth: Yes, the vaginal flora are very sensitive. But if the uterus isn't cleansing properly due to in-proper period care, then old blood, clots and residue will be sticking to the walls and clogging up the uterus which directly effects the health of the vaginal flora and hormonal balance.

Myth: Steaming will cause seriously damaging burns to your vagina.

Truth: If you are careful and test the steam temperature is comfortable for you before doing your steam, you will be absolutely fine. It's a bit like making a cup of tea - you wouldn't just pour boiling water into your mug and then instantly take a big sip. You instead leave the tea for 5-6 mins to cool slightly first. This is exactly the same with sitting over the steam of your vaginal steam sauna.

MORE MYTH BUSTING - by Gynaecologist Laurena White

This excellent BLOG POST gives even more myth busting from Gynaecologist Laurena White who specialises in reproductive endocrinology and acupuncture.

Let's Reclaim Responsibility and Ownership for Our Bodies and Wombs

It is more important now than ever, for us as women to take back our power and responsibility for our health. We are so quick these days to hand over our health to our doctors and health practitioners, ignoring our bodies’ signals and signs, and accepting the medication that we are offered. We have forgotten how to hear, how to listen to our wombs and our innate inner knowing as women. Over hundreds of years we have become disconnected from our inner power, we have been made to feel shame about our bodies and feel fear to assert our voices and truths. We have all but forgotten our ancient knowledge of the land and of the sacred medicine that grows wild in our countryside - knowledge of which our ancestors knew well. It is not surprising that we have forgotten, that these stories and recipes and medicines have not been passed down. When the age of patriarchy set in, they were scared of the women's knowledge and power, so scared that they decided to shame us, take away our stories and wisdom, and degrade us so that we were fearful to use our voices, medicine or magic. And this has been passed down by generation to generation, until now.

We are waking up ladies, and it is time to raise our voices, step back into our roots and take responsibility for our own health once again. Let’s remember the ancient healing wisdom of herbs and roots, lets share this knowledge with our sisters, our families and our children. Let’s wake up and remember that WE ARE POWERFUL.

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All My Love

Isla-Rose x x

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