Are you Honouring Your Wise Wild Woman and Your Pre-Menstrual Phase?

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Have you met your inner Wise Wild Woman? Or do you keep her locked up and hidden? Are you afraid of what she is capable of or what she might say?

Our Wise Wild Woman is the part of us who longs to be free, to gather herbs, to walk for hours in nature, to speak her truth no matter what, to dance, to sing, to create, to be wild and unkempt, to scream and feel anger, to rage. Your wild wise woman is in fact the truest essence of who you are, no holds barred, your truest, loudest most authentic self. So why do we keep her hidden and chained? What are we scared of? Well ladies to put it bluntly, we are afraid of our own power. Our power to express ourselves, to be heard and to speak up for what we believe in. We have been indoctrinated to think that our dreams, desires and feminine wildness is not important and that we need to put other peoples dreams and needs before our own. We can often have a build up of un-expressed energy, feelings and emotions that have been brewing all cycle, so when the moon starts to wane and we enter our pre-menstrual phase, our energy levels drop and we can become low, grumpy, moody and rage-full. Holding on to repressed feelings and emotions like this can make us ill, they stunt our spiritual and emotional evolution and halt us on our path to becoming the women that we long to be.


Your Wise Wild Woman corresponds to the pre-menstrual phase of your cycle, your inner Autumn. In this phase your energy changes from the bountiful, energetic energy of Ovulation and Summer, to the hormone energy slump of pre-menstruation. So no wonder you can become tetchy, low or un-inspired at this point in your cycle. But believe me, its not all doom and gloom. My pre-menstrual phase has actually been my favourite phase for a long time now as it gives me a reason to retreat within and to honour and show myself some love. I become really creative in this part of my phase and love cooking and eating nourishing food, in fact my body knows how important this is. I can be very blunt and to the point, but actually I really enjoy it because my wise wild woman gives me so much more confidence to say what I really feel. I spend way more time on my own with my oracle cards, in the bath or with a glass of wine, and do what feels GOOD to me. It is so important to slow down at this phase of your cycle. It can be hard as often we are still charged with the ‘do it’ energy from our previous phase, but if we don’t slow down our bodies can become depleted very quickly and can show up in our Menstruation phase as cramping, exhaustion, dizziness and lethargy. I often need to nap in the afternoons during my pre-menstruation phase as my body turns inward, if you are able to do this it is incredibly replenishing for your whole system.


So.. those mental, crazy, contradictory feelings that you get each month? They will be showing up in your pre-menstrual phase and are coming up because you are not honouring yourself in some way, not nourishing your soul, not resting or doing what you truly love. Any area where you feel you are not being nourished or respected in your life will come up in this phase, which is why you may feel you are going mad. But what can you do to satisfy your Wise Wild Woman? It could be something simple like needing a night to yourself each week to have a bath or meditate. Maybe you need the kids cooked for and looked after once a week so that you can go to your yoga class. Or it could be more complexed like disliking your job and longing for a total career change or a dream to travel to foreign and beautiful places to explore different cultures. Maybe you dream of hugging a tree each day, or learning the language of the land, of Mother Earth. Maybe you long to run wild and free through the forest with no responsibilities or expectations upon yourself. What ever it is that you are not honouring, however much you try to ignore the inner voice of your wild woman, she will never go away until you make a change, until you stand in your power and follow your big, beautiful heart. If you don’t follow that passion, that adventure or that niggling feeling, you will never be truly honouring your Wise Wild Woman. And life is way to short to be stuck doing something that you don’t like, or stuck pretending that you are someone that you are not.


There are many ways that I choose to honour myself during my Wild Woman Pre-Menstrual Phase, and I will share some of these with you:

  • Oracle or Tarot Readings

  • Making Yummy Treats (like my raw chocolate brownies - recipe coming soon!)

  • Cooking Nourishing Soul Food (and taking time to put love and energy into it)

  • Wine - Yes, Wine.

  • Herbal Tea (Right now Rose Petal and Calendula is my favourite combination for heart healing and heart opening)

  • Journal How I Am Feeling/What's Coming Up (I set a timer and write for 15 mins and see what comes out on the page - often once I start I go way over 15 mins as there is often quite a lot inside that needs to be expressed at this phase in my cycle!)

  • I Say NO To Things (I try to be fiercely loyal to myself, and say no to things that feel like they will be too much for me.

  • S l o w D o w n... (I don’t take on any new projects or make any new arrangements. I slow down my exercise regime - do more relaxing yoga, stretching and yoga nidra)

  • Yoni Steaming (I always treat myself to a yoni steam to help clear stuck energy from the month and to physically cleanse and honour my womb and vagina before my bleed. Yoni steaming helps to prepare you for your period but also nourishes and cleanses you to a very deep level.)

  • Womb and Menstrual Massage (helps to balance the hormones, increase circulation, reduce and eliminate cramping, cleanse the womb, release tension and aching and promote relaxation and stress relief.)

  • Self-Pleasure (Yep, I often find that a really good way to release some of that built up tension/rage/anger/frustration is to have a really good orgasm. Light some candles, turn off my phone and fully focus on my own pleasure and relaxation.)

  • Nap!! (Ahhh afternoon naps :) I tend to need one everyday at about 3.00pm.)


Now, no blog post on pre-menstrual phase magic can be complete without a chocolatey recipe of something utterly delicious to make and devour during your sacred Wild Woman time. So here is my recipe for Raw Avocado Chocolate Mousse - its super decadent, moorish and uber luxurious so ideal for sticking your mitten in whist cuddled up on the sofa. This mousse is full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals so is actually really nourishing for you at this point in your cycle, and the cacao is full of iron and magnesium to help replenish your stocks ready for when your bleed comes. You can also add whatever flavour or texture you like to the mousse to make it your own, depending on how you are feeling. I love to add a drop of Doterra Ginger Essential Oil (only ever use 100% organic therapeutic grade essential oils) which makes it the best tummy-hugging, warming treat ever. I will put some suggestions below for you to see...



¥ 1 large ripe avocado

¥ 20g raw carob powder

¥ 11g of raw cacao powder

¥ 31g of almond, oat or coconut milk

¥ 4 tsp maple syrup or natural sweetener of your choice

¥ 1/4 - 1/2 tsp salt (season to taste - for a more salted chocolate mousse add a bit more)

¥ 4 pitted dates

¥ 1 tsp natural vanilla extract

¥ Optional extras: toasted almonds, goji berries, blueberries, freeze dried or fresh raspberries, 2-3 drops of a herbal tincture (elderberry, cramp bark, red raspberry leaf) 2 drops of a therapeutic grade essential oil, lavender flowers, orange zest... basically anything you feel your body needs :)


¥ Blend the avocado in a blender to get it relatively smooth and to break down any large chunks

¥ Add the carob, cacao, nut milk, maple syrup, salt, dates, and vanilla extract and blend until the mixture is completely smooth and shiny.

¥ Then add your extras - you can add your extras to the mixture and blend again if you would like them to be broken down and well mixed in, or you can stir them through to keep bigger chunks.

¥ I generally add liquids (essential oils and tinctures) to the blender to mix them through thoroughly, and stir things like fresh blueberries, raspberries or toasted almonds through at the end to keep them chunky.

¥ Put your mousse into a bowl or container and leave in the fridge for a few hours to set.

¥ Then enjoy beautiful Sister!! Show yourself some LOVE x x

Take Back Your Power,

Reclaim Your Wild Edges

And Be Free

All my Love,

Isla Rose

x x

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