Vulnerability, Sexuality, Creativity and Playfulness… The Super Powers of Your Inner Spring.

New Moon - The Maiden Archetype Day 6 - 12 of Your Cycle

Have you ever noticed a part of your cycle where you feel a little bit like Bambi? Feeling excited and full of ideas and creativity, but also a bit wobbly, vulnerable and in need of some reassurance? Welcome to your Inner Spring. Around day 6 or 7 of your cycle, after the inwardness and stillness of Menstruation, your oestrogen levels begin to rise giving you a spirt of energy, endorphins and clarity for the cycle ahead. This is the time to make plans, plant seeds, test the water and venture out into the world full of innocence, hope and desire!

MANIFESTATION & NEW MOON ENERGY - creating ritual and an alter for your cycle ahead.

Like the spring this energy feels fresh and new, making this phase of your cycle a very powerful time to manifest new opportunities, ideas and plans into your life. This phase is linked to the New Moon and the energies of possibility and creation, so doing a New Moon or Inner Spring manifesting ritual at this time of your cycle can be really potent and powerful. No every woman's cycle syncs up to the moon in this way, which is totally normal. You can honour which ever moon phase your Inner Spring falls into, and pay attention to the energies that this may bring you at this point in your cycle. I recommend creating a little alter for your new cycle ahead and decorate it with items that you feel drawn to or symbolic for what it is you wish to manifest. Then possibly write a letter detailing all your hopes and desires of which you would like to materialise over the next lunar/menstrual cycle - but write the letter in gratitude, as if you already have all of these things. When you are ready, light a candle, sit in front of your alter and read your letter out loud - really feeling the gratitude and love emanating from you as you read it. If you feel emotion come up, let it come. The more emotion that you can bring up in regards to your wish will magnify the power of your ritual 10 fold. Then fold up your letter and place it in the centre of your alter for the rest your cycle. This may also be a really lovely time to do yourself an Oracle Card or Tarot Reading for the month ahead, for guidance and a focus point for your endeavours.

My alter created in-line with the season (Autumn) to manifest for my cycle ahead :)


You Inner Spring is like climbing out of the womb for the first time. You may feel wobbly, sensitive and vulnerable and maybe even a little bit nervous about what the month ahead might hold. You may have lots of energy and ideas but have a little niggle of nerves about putting yourself out into the world or communicating your plans with others. I just want you to know that all these feelings are totally wonderful and beautiful - it is good to be able to be vulnerable with yourself and others. It is a huge sign of strength. I invite you to take small steps during this phase, be gentle with yourself and give yourself the space to explore different options, viewpoints and ideas in a playful and creative way. Putting too much pressure on yourself during this phase can cause you to retreat and hide, hoping for the confines of Inner Winter and the womb to swallow you up again! So be slow, explore, experiment and be open to your feelings, emotions and vulnerability.


With your oestrogen levels rising, you may begin to feel a little flirtatious or frisky, feeling the desire to smooth on some lipstick, try a new hairstyle or wear more figure hugging clothes. The desire to look and feel more attractive is typical of your Inner Spring, so I urge you to go for it! The further into this phase you go, the more you may wish to socialise, to be seen to connect with other people and you may have a more curious, cheeky, flirtatious energy to you that can be infectious. But I urge you to feel it, embody it and flow with it lady!! Express yourself as a beautiful, powerful, creative and sexual woman in this world, and feel how good it feels. On the other hand, you may continue to feel very vulnerable and shy during this phase until you reach your Inner Summer (ovulation) so I also invite you to feel into this too, and let yourself know that it’s okay. We are all SO different as women, and we experience each phase differently (which is why I really recommend charting your cycle to create a deeper understanding of how YOU show up in each phase) You might actually be craving cuddles and hugs from friends or your partner, rather than exploring your sexuality. I know I can certainly feel like I need emotional connection, cuddles and safety first, before I can begin to feel sexual in this phase at all - for me I can take a while to come out of my Menstruation cave! If you have a parter I would urge to communicate how you are feeling to them so that they know how to approach you in this part of your cycle. There is nothing worse than being pressured for sex as soon as your period has finished, due to an expectation that this is what you want!!! So I invite you to be clear with your boundaries and ask for what it is you need in that moment. If it is hot sex, then brilliant. If it is a massage and some emotional connection, then wonderful. The more trust and honour you can have for your body, the more your partner will learn to listen to and honour your body too.


So, all being well your creative sparks should be flying in this phase, giving you bursts of inspiration and ideas. This is a great time to pick up your journal and head out to a park or woodland (or your local coffee shop!) and write down all the ideas, excitements, and plans that are bubbling up for you. Once they are all written down and out of your head, you could begin to sift through them and see which ones really sing-out to you to create. Another lovely idea is making a vision board by cutting out photos or images of the things you wish to focus on or manifest, and sticking them on a big board so that you can see them everyday.


How do you include Play into your life? Are you adverse to play as it seems childish or un-important? Play is so important for us as adults, it helps us to connect back to our inner child, let go of societies projections, let go of our inhibitions and just have some pure fun. Things like dancing, singing, laughing, rolling around in the grass, having a tickle fight, playing hide and seek in the forest, having a picnic with multi coloured cups and plates, making a brightly coloured cake with flowers on, collecting daisies and making a chain…. Anything that connects you back to your inner child and lets you explore and experience joy, fun and playfulness.

So, however you decide to show up in this phase, I invite you to own it. Be true to you, shine brightly and have some fun!! Here's a little recipe for you to bring some beautiful smelling flower energy into your Spring time.


This recipe for an essential oil roll on/serum is a really beautiful way to honour yourself in this phase of your cycle and create yourself a delicious roll on perfume. Using essential oils to boost confidence, increase your creative and sexual energy, promote playfulness and joy and that smells wonderful too!


This is to fill a 10ml roll on bottle:

  • 4 drops - Ylang Ylang

  • 4 drops - Geranium

  • 4 drops - Wild Orange

  • 4 drops - Jasmine

  • Sweet Almond Oil

  • Grapeseed Oil


Add the drops of essential oil to the roll on bottle first, and then top up with the carrier oils Sweet Almond and Grapeseed (you can also use any carrier oil that you feel drawn to) give a good shake, and volla!

I hope that you have found this helpful in understanding/expressing your Maiden energy lovely ladies!

With all my love and blessings for your Inner Spring Journey

Isla Rose x

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