Would You Like To Be A More Productive, Seductive, Communicative, Empowered Woman?

Tuning into your Ovulation energy can create opportunities, manifest your dreams, help you gain clarity, make focussed decisions and become a more proactive, sensual, sexy, social, productive version of yourself.

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Is there a point in your cyclic month where your'e killing-it at work, have endless energy for family, friends, social events, hobbies, kids.... and feel totally on top of your game? Where you feel so productive, energised, sexy, communicative, social and sexually turned on, standing fully in your feminine power? This could very well be your Ovulation phase or Inner Summer. The energy of this part of your cycle is brimming with possibilities. The seeds that you planted back in your Pre-Ovulation phase finally coming to fruition. With my clients I have noticed that Ovulation is often the favourite part of their cycle, as they feel they can really step into their power and have the drive, verbal skills, energy levels and positivity to get-shit-done. The energy of Ovulation can feel happier, lighter and more emotionally stable and centred during than the rest of the cycle, with a confidence, passion and excitement for life. We are articulate and more able to stay grounded, meaning that we will be able to hear other people more clearly and make solid decisions and plans.


Oestrogen levels begin to build running up to Ovulation, which can boost the mood and make us feel happier and more joyful. Oestrogen can increase serotonin levels and the amount of serotonin in the brain, can help to boost production of endorphins (the "feel-good" chemicals) can stimulate nerve growth and protect nerves from damage. So with all these happy hormones floating around, no wonder we often feel like superwomen. These hormones tend to peak at Ovulation (usually day 13 or 14 of your cycle) and then begin to drop off quite quickly as you move into Pre-Menstruation.


It is also only natural that you are going to feel more turned-on and sexy at this point in your cycle, as this is also the time at which you are most fertile. All nerve endings within the vagina are heightened, your natural mucous changes to a silky smooth nectar and your body can often be calling out for pleasure and attention. Having sex, self-pleasuring or making love to your partner during this time can feel EPIC, and often way more intense erotic than other points in your cycle. Orgasms can be stronger and easier to reach and the natural lubrication really helps to stimulate you and your partner. If you are not trying to get pregnant I invite you to be really careful with unprotected sex at this part of your cycle. The combination of your vaginal nectar (which is there to give the sperm a smooth ride to the womb) and orgasming have a very strong action of drawing the sperm up through the cervix towards your recently released egg. Isn't the female body awesome?!! So totally explore and enjoy this sexually-empowered phase of your cycle - with an awareness of your increased fertility. You may be more open to experimenting with different positions, toys, fantasies.... I invite you to feel into your body and do what feels good to you.

Stunning artwork from Annelie Solis - https://www.anneliesolis.com/

A lot of women operate from their Ovulation or Inner Summer Phase ALL THE TIME. I get it. The energy of being productive and proactive is addictive... it feels so good to be constantly creating, producing, socialising, doing classes, working, playing, etc. It can be hard to stop. And, in many work environments women are expected to function at the same level all the way throughout their cycle, day after day, month after month. This creates a huge pressure to be constantly achieving no matter where your energy levels, emotional health or mental health are at. This addiction to Ovulatory energy and the fallacy that we have to be continually accomplishing goals to be 'successful women,' can be really damaging to our bodies and minds. We are cyclical, just like the seasons and the moon. We NEED to rest and recuperate each month, to recharge our batteries and practice self care so that we can continue to show up and be the incredible friends, lovers, wives, girlfriends, mothers and sisters that we are. Just like the seasons, after Summer comes Autumn. The weather changes, the leaves start to fall and everything starts to slow down and go inward. We really need to pay attention to this turning point within our own bodies, and really honour the need to let go and rest.

I see many women who continue with this high energy, get-stuff-done mentality all the way through their cycle and into the next, never stopping to rest or recalibrate. In the end, this almost always results in burnout, breakdowns, anxiety, stress related health issues or depression. I know as I have totally been there. We just aren't made to keep going in this way, it damages our souls and weakens our spirits. My dream is to bring this knowledge into mainstream businesses so that they can work with each woman and her cycle on a monthly basis. To harness each individual woman's skills, passions, ideas and superpowers and put them into action in a way that honours the woman and supports her cyclical nature.

I am sure you may have noticed a point in the month where your energy levels drop, your shine dims slightly, certain people start to irritate you and you crave a massive glass of wine and a big bar of chocolate?! This could be a sign that your oestrogen levels have dropped and that you are moving into your Pre-Menstruation. This is a really good indictor to slow down and begin to go inwards. For more information on this transition, read my blog post: "Are You Honouring Your Wise Wild Woman and Your Pre-Menstrual Phase?"

Stunning artwork from Annelie Solis - https://www.anneliesolis.com/
So.... how can you start to bring knowledge and these ideas into your life?
  • Chart your Cycle - using a menstrual cycle app or calendar chart your cycle so that you know when you will be Ovulating and your energy will be high, and also when your hormones are likely to drop going into Pre-Menstruation. This would be your signal to slow down, stop taking on new work, tie up projects and loose ends and begin to practice self care.

  • In your Pre-Ovulation Phase make plans and plant seeds for projects or plans that you wish to manifest during the cycle ahead. See these projects peaking at Ovulation and then plan to slow down and reflect upon them coming into Pre-Menstruation.

  • Why not be really bold and take a calendar into work, mark where you are in your cycle and stick it near your desk or somewhere where it can be seen. This way your female and male work colleagues can start to see when is best to ask you questions about a new project, or ask you out for a drink, or when it may be best to leave chocolate on your desk and keep out of your way!

  • Talk to as many people as you can about it. The more women who are working with their menstrual cycles and creating the empowered lives that they deserve, the better. Getting this magic into mainstream businesses and companies will make this shift towards honouring the feminine much bigger and more profound.

All My Love Sisters!!

For any questions, comments or ideas please leave a message below or contact me :)

Isla Rose x

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